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We currently offer the following products and services at the lowest competitive prices, with unparallel quality for your business:
  • Local toll service
  • Local service (where available)
  • Interstate and in-state toll free service
  • Interstate and in-state switched long distance service
  • International service
  • Company Calling Card
  • Dedicated voice services (inbound and outbound)
Our services are currently available in all 48 states (excluding Alaska), as well as in the U.S. territories (e.g., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands).
We utilize the reliable AT&T network, widely recognized as the premier network and the telecommunications industry standard.
As an Authorized Agent of "ACC Business", which is a division of At&T, we provide:
  • Enhanced Billing Features
Enables you to manage and track calling through our efficient billing system. A useful and customizable monthly statement itemizes your outbound and inbound call detail so you can track all your calls. You can even list calls by phone number, so you can monitor your employee productivity. Its that simple and easy.
  • Great Customer Service
As your personal telecommunications agent, we will support you whenever you need help.
  • Total Savings Benefit
Simply put, we save you money because---unlike the competition---we at Telecom Emporium will help you spend less time thinking about your phone service, so YOU can focus your energies on running your business.
Telecom Emporium offers you telephone services that your small to mid-sized business needs---at a price you can afford. And because we are an Authorized Agent of "ACC Business", which is a division of AT&T, we utilize the AT&T network---the most advanced, sophisticated, and reliable communications service in the world. Which means you will not have to worry about losing your connection in the middle of an important call.
You cannot afford to lose money on your company phone bill.
Contact us Today!!! Join the thousand of companies already taking advantage of Telecom Emporium's superior services.
Telecom Emporium Corp. is a multi-national company providing communication services solutions to your specific business needs.